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Shanghai Jingoo Petroleum Apparatus Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003 to represent the products of the top 2 API gauge manufacturers in China. Both of them are subsidiary facilities of state-owned corporations and are API-licensed. We are the first company in China that specializes in distributing API gauges and offering professional calibration services. All gauges come with third-party calibration certificates that are traceable to China National Institute of Metrology and valid for API audit.


We are serving 60% of the OCTG manufacturers and oilfield service companies in China, which include China National Petroleum Corporation, Schlumberger Oilfield Equipments ,China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Weatherford , GE,etc.

  2-3/8 REG


3-1/2 REG






5-1/2 FH


20 BCSG Working Gauge



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