Authorised Distributor of Gagemaker

We are also the authorised distributor of Gagemaker which is a leading provider of thread element gages. Products include Thread Profile Gages, MRP Crest Diameter Gages, Thread Lead Gages, Thread Taper Gages, Thread Height Gages, Pitch Diameter Gages, Software, etc. Below is our Authorized Distributor Certificate:

Gagemaker Authorized Distributor Certificate(Gagemaker代理授权证书).jpg 

Gagemaker develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment for the Oilfield, Mining, Water Well, Automotive and General Machining industries. Recognized as the leading provider of Tapered & Straight Thread Measurement Gages, API Gages & Products, ISO, ANSI & ASME Thread Measurement, Engineering Software as well as Calibration Software & Equipment, Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world. Gagemaker’s commitment to actively developing new products along with their superb customer service has set the industry standard for 30 years.