Today we are happy to announce that we are going to add into our product line one of the essential equipment in drilling activities: mud pumps. The mud pumps we represent are manufactured by CNPC BOMCO. BOMCO has been manufacturing whole series of mud pumps for over 40 years and is the largest manufacturer of mud pumps in the world in terms of categories and quantities.

BOMCO has developed triplex series and quintuplex series mud pumps ranging from 500HP to 3000HP. The series include F500~F2200 series regular mud pumps, F1600HL/F2200HL series high-pressure mud pumps, F1800~F12200H series lightweight mud pumps, QDP-3000 quintuplex high-pressure mud pump and pump unit, and permanent magnet motor direct drive pumps and pump units.

Below is the introduction about our pump manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing Facility Profile

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Our pump manufacturing facility is subsidiary to CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), with a total construction area of 67,366 square meters. It is a professional production and research base for drilling mud pumps, mud pump accessories, ceramic liners, etc. The activities of the base include parts manufacturing, components assembly, final assembly testing, paint coating and after-sales service.

The facility has over 450 staff, including 5 senior engineers, 29 engineers, 1 CNPC technical expert, 1 senior technician and 11 technicians. Under the facility there is machining workshop, assembly workshop and precision workshop. It owns 283 sets of various equipment, including 3 sets of SKODA boring and milling machines, 1 set of PAMA boring and milling machine, etc.

The main products of the facility include drilling mud pump (F-500 / F-800 / F-1000 / F-1300 / F-1600 / F-1600HL / F-2200 / F-2200HL), QDP-3000 quintuplex drilling mud pump, QDP-2200 quintuplex drilling mud pump, permanent magnet motor drilling mud pump unit, drilling mud pump accessories, ceramic liners, etc.

Taking "Shoulder the responsibilities by ourselves, Extend the satisfaction to clients” as the business philosophy, the facility strictly carries out ISO 9001, API Q1 quality systems and API product specifications, adheres to the development vision of "manufacture high-quality pumps, create world famous brand", provides excellent-quality products and considerate services to customers, thus achieves quality and sustainable development.

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Technical Characteristics

▅ The max pressure for F500, F800, F1000 pump is 34.5MPa (5000PSI). These pumps are small, light and reliable. They are the best choices for shallow well and mid-deep well drilling rigs.

▅ The max pressure for F1300/1600, F22000 pump is 34.5MPa (5000PSI). These pumps are the best choices for mid-deep well and deep well drilling rigs due to its large displacement and high reliability.

▅ The max pump pressure for F1600HL and F22000HL pump is 34.5MPa (5000PSI), and the max displacement can reach 51.85L/S and 77.65L/S respectively. It is the best choice for deep well, super deep well, large displacements horizontal well, high pressure jetbit drilling, off-shore platform and other drilling rigs.

▅ The F1 series light weight pump is a new product. Under approximately equivalent power, displacement, pump pressure, and other basic conditions, the pump is 20% to 25% lighter than same model of F series. Meanwhile, all fluid end parts are forgings with outstanding quality. This pump is used when size and weight of drilling rigs are highly demanding, such as offshore platform drill rigs.

▅ QDP-3000 drilling mud pump is the largest power of quintuplex drilling mud pumps and pump package. The max pressure is 51.7MPa (7500PSI), and the largest displacement is 76.34L/S. The largest displacement under the max pump pressure reaches 55.08L/S, and the max pressure under the largest displacement is 27.0MPa, making it work better than similar products. Without pulsation dampener, the displacement and pressure fluctuation of this quintuplex pump is only about one third of triplex pump. The fluctuations are even less when pulsation dampener is installed. The pump package is inspired by ideas of modular and skid-mounted design, endowing it with reasonable layout, smooth operation, high transmission efficiency and reliability. This pump is particularly suitable for offshore platform purpose.

▅ Permanent magnet motor direct drive pump and pump package possess qualities of small volume, light weight, simple and reliable transmission, and high efficiency. It is a new energy-saving product, and also one of the developing trends for future drilling mud pump products.

Advanced Equipment

Our pump manufacturing facility owns advanced paint coating production line, complete assembly production line and excellent mechanical processing equipment. There are 283 sets of various types of equipment altogether. Below are the high-lights:

● Powerful Processing Capacity

The large-scale boring & milling machines group which includes XKA2840X160 CNC gantry moving milling machine, SKODA W250HD/W250G/W200G boring-milling machine, Speedram2000 CNC boring-milling machine, G60F CNC floor-type boring-milling machine and PAMA boring-milling machine. It is mainly responsible for boring and milling of drilling mud pump parts and large structural parts.

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The CNC machining group which includes 25VS CNC vertical machining center, 48/72" CNC vertical turning machine, CH5116B CNC vertical turning machine and 18/24U CNC horizontal lathe. It is mainly responsible for the turning of various complex parts.

● Eco-friendly Paint Coating Production Line

The paint coating production line has 1 set of inner cavity cleaning equipment, 2 sets of surface cleaning equipment, 2 sets of shot blasting equipment, 6 water rotation painting rooms, 3 paint drying rooms, and 1 set of oil filtering equipment. The production line is used to do paint coating for various large parts.

13_cr painting coating.jpg

● Testing Bench

The drilling mud pump assembly line is equipped with advanced assembly tools, assembly facilities and skilled operators. There is a drilling mud pump test base. It is mainly responsible for the assembly, pressure test and factory test of the pumps.

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After-sale Service

Product Service Commitments

To meet the needs of customers in a better way, our pump manufacturing facility take “customer satisfaction” as tenet and has been providing repair, test and on-site services of drilling mud pumps globally for a long time. Below are our commitments to the customers:

Commitment of Quality:

1, Products are manufactured and inspected in accordance with the relevant specifications. We ensure that the products are manufactured effectively and with high quality according to the requirements of the contract and related specifications.

2, The products will be inspected by professional inspection personnel, to ensure that products meet relevant specifications and the requirements of customers.

Commitment of Lead time:

We ensure that the products will be delivered to the appointed place according to the lead time required by the customer. If the customer has any special requirements, we will consult with the customer, to ensure that we will meet their needs in a timely manner.

Commitment of Sales Service Management System:

1, The facility has a professional sales service team. They respond to the customer's needs promptly with no delay and provide 7/24 all-round services.

2, Provide training on the use and maintenance of products, and hold exchange sessions with the customer on the deep-level knowledge of products and technology from time to time.

3, Collect customers’ views and advices about products quality, and make improvements accordingly in a timely manner.

4, Provide 3 guarantees for our products that are within warranty period: repair, replacement or return.