Rotary Shouldered Connection Basics

August 17,2021
Tubing and Casing Features and Connection Types

 Thread Form - the outline of the thread, for example 8 Round or Buttress. Our example is an 8 Round.  Pitch Line - imaginary line that runs through the thread where the distance between parallel sides of the profiles of two adjacent thread forms is measured along the axis.  Crest – the peak or top of the thread that joins the sides of two adjacent flanks.  Root – the bottom of the thread valley or the bottom surface joining the sides of two adjacent flanks.  Included Angle – the angle between the thread flanks as measured perpendicular to the thread axis.  Stab Flank – the side of the thread that takes the initial force when a pin and coupling are tightened.  Load Flank – the side of the thread that absorbs the surface load as the pin and coupling are tightened.

July 16,2021
Monomial Parameters Instrument for Pipe Screw Thread

These high precision instruments are more than 20 kinds and widely used for oil industry to measure the monomial parameters of taper, pitch and height screw for oil pipe, canola and drill shank. It is constituted by the transmission system of rigidity main body and indicator to control and improve the quality of screw. It is the basic tools to measure the oil pipe screw thread and completely accord with international standard AP158. standard No: JJF 1063-2000

July 16,2021
F-1300/1600 Drilling pump

April 23,2021
We have upgraded our packing into flight cases

Since last several months, the packing is upgraded into flight cases from wooden boxes. It looks beautiful and gives good protection.

November 06,2019
Supply of ASME Gauges (UN, Metric, NPT, ACME)

This year, we have decided to include ASME gauges into our product line, so that we can provide more comprehensive support & help to our customers.

February 22,2019

Tooth thickness is now a required, mandatory element to be inspected.

March 07,2018
Buttress Thread Casing - BTC - Thread Plug and Ring Gages - API Spec 5B

September 05,2017