Cold Cutting & Beveling Machine

This series of products is a portable externally mounted pipe cutting beveling machine, which is mainly aimed at on-site cold cutting of long-distance pipelines. Multi-claw manual centering clamping system is accurate in centering, and Harvard-style split can be installed at any position of pipelines. This product is suitable for the processing of U, V, J, Y and other beveling forms of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel pipes and flange end face beveling (outside diameter and wall thickness are within the technical parameter interval), with good beveling quality, good mobility and simple operation.

The equipment is applicable to pipeline safety level requirements, Adopting Clamp-on socket splitting installation, it meets the conventional pipeline processing equipment used in narrow space operation, is suitable for cutting beveling process requirements in field environment, has the requirements of realizing cutting and beveling processing at the same time, and can also meet the requirements of rapid cutting, beveling, flat beveling and other processing of pipelines by adding special machines and tools.