Gagemaker Professional Calibration and Repair Services

We Inspect, Calibrate, Repair, Track and Certify Gages and Calibration Equipment

   Clean and inspect your equipment for any visual damage

   Generate all necessary calibration certificates

   Inspect equipment following specific procedures developed per instrument

   Verify real accuracy and repeatability of the gage.

   Return equipment to manufacturer specifications to maximize productivity

MIC TRAC 4000 In-House Precision Gage Calibration System

Inspect Parts, Calibrate, and Track Gages

MIC TRAC 3000 Shop Floor Gage Setting and Part Measurement System

  Accuracies to .00002” (.508 µ ) traceable to the NIST

  Ultra precision scale with 1.00” travel and resolution of .00001”

  Adjustable tilt support table to accommodate many applications

  Assortment of fixtures to hold various types of gages during

Measure Parts, Calibrate Hand Held Gages, and Preset Indicator Style Gages

  Houses two precision optical glass scales enabling its precision measuring capability

  Includes receiver pads and anvils that are manufactured and precision ground to .00001”

  Adjustable electronic measurement master with ranges from 0” to 48”

  Provides critical thread dimensions for manufacturing & inspection using TDWIN Software


  Dell desktop computer and CERTIFI calibration software to produce calibration reports, recal stickers, and gage usage history. Single user or network versions available

  Documented calibration procedures for your lab

  Requires closely monitored environment held at 68°F with relative humidity not to exceed 50%

Shop Floor Gage Setting and Part Measurement System – MIC TRAC 3000 Series

Calibrate Hand Held Gages, and Preset Indicator Style Gages

   Delivers high accuracy in a variety of environments including the shop floor

   Serves as a setting master for gages produced by various manufacturers

   Provides fast, accurate dimensional part measurements

   Ensures measurement repeatability from operator to operator using Force Lok accessory

   Calibrates hand-held gages in-house for faster turnaround

Set up your own calibration program with Gagemaker In-House Precision Gage Calibration System- MIC TRAC 4000 Series

Inspect Parts, Calibrate and Track Gages

   Delivers the highest accuracy in a controlled environment.

   Tracks & retrieves gage history, certifications, calibration dates and renewal information

   Calibrates your ring and plug gages regularly with TDWIN thread calculation software

   Produces computerized digital readouts, calibration reports and certificates

   Avoids calibration service “turnaround times” by having your own system in place.

   Offers a huge variety of accessories for unmatched versatility in measurement capabilities