MRP Crest Diameter Gages

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This series of MRP gages measure the internal and external diameter of tapered threaded connectors. These gages use two pivoting thread shoes that ride on the crests of the threads. Thread shoes are manufactured in several lengths for varying pitches of thread and from hardened steel to resist wear.

Shoes should contact a minimum of three thread crests during inspection. Any variations in diameter detected are shown on the gage's indicator. The MRP gages must be preset to size before inspecting parts. A variety of setting standards styles are available. See Setting Standards for more information.


  • Measures internal and external diameters of tapered threads for a range of diameters.

  • Replaces conventional ring and plug gages.

  • Eliminates wear on threads caused by ring and plug gages.

  • Incorporates a very durable construction for use in a manufacturing or field environment.

  • Requires presetting to size with a setting standard.