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1, Applied specification: API Spec 11B;

2, Material: bearing steel that is hardened to Rockwell C60-63;

3, Guaranteed quality: We have been manufacturing API gauges since 1970s. Our gauges have been field-tested by over 800 customers in 35 countries;

4, 3rd-party calibration: All our working gauges are calibrated and certified by a national-level 3rd-party calibration center which is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

When ordering, please specify the following information:

1, Types & sizes of connections;

2, Master gauges or working gauges;

3, Ring or plug, or set.

API Spec 11B Sucker Rod Gauges
Sucker Rod Plug GaugeSize
P-5 MASTER NO GO PIN PLUG5/83/47/811-1/8
P-7 MASTER GO PIN PLUG5/83/47/811-1/8
B-2 GO PLUG5/83/47/811-1/8
B-6 NO GO PLUG5/83/47/811-1/8
Sucker Rod Ring GaugeSize
P-6 NO GO RING FOR PIN CONE5/83/47/811-1/8
P-8 GO PIN RING5/83/47/811-1/8
B-1 MASTER GO RING5/83/47/811-1/8
B-5 MASTER NO GO RING5/83/47/811-1/8