Thread Height Gages

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Our Thread Height gages (TH-3000 series) inspect variations in thread height for a variety of thread forms. All gage models use a precision contact point that seats in the thread of the part during inspection. The gages are supplied with various base configurations to fit the particular thread form being inspected.

Some of the TH-3000 gages require zeroing on a setting standard before inspecting parts. Once zeroed, the base of the gage is positioned on the crests of the thread, while the contact point is located in the thread root. The gage is properly positioned by sweeping to obtain the shortest depth location reading. The gage’s indicator reports actual variations from the nominal setting dimension. These gages are supplied with a balanced indicator dial, normally reading 0-25-0 or 0-50-0.

For those models that do not require a setting standard, the gage is preset on any flat surface and then applied to the product. The actual thread height displays on the gage’s indicator. These gages are supplied with a continuous reading indicator dial, normally reading 0 -100.