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The American Petroleum Institute (API) is a trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. The institute works with governments and other legal and regulatory associations to negotiate standards and perform research. About 400 companies are represented by the API, all involved with some part of the petroleum industry. The API also creates and certifies industry standards. The standards are published for all manufacturers involved in the petroleum industry. The specifications are very comprehensive; they are intended to improve health and safety, comply with legislation, protect the environment, and boost efficiency. Each technical standard covers a specific area of production, refinement, distribution, or manufacturing of equipment used. API standards are recognized and used by the National Institute of Standard and Technology.

August 26,2021
Reference master thread gauges (API and VAM)

Compliance to American Petroleum Institute specifications Our accredited service provides certification of compliance for Reference Master gauges to American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications. Under a EURAMET agreement, traceability for API gauges throughout Europe has been devolved to NPL who are the sole agency in Europe authorised by API to certify reference master screw gauges. NPL also provides calibration services for VAM specification gauges.

August 26,2021

August 17,2021
Cause analysis and Complete Solving on Galling of API Tubing and Casing for Tarim Oil Feild

This paper gives a complete investigation,make up tests and running tests for some tubings and casings.It is considered that tubing and casing galling is not only related to product quality, but also abnormal operation.In order to guarantee bought tubing and casing quality,the complementarity specification on make up and break out test for tubing and casing specimens taken from the product

May 27,2021
API 5B Updates: New Requirements from API 5B (16th Edition)

The new API 5B Specification (16th Edition) has already been published in December, 2017. The effective date of this edition is July 1, 2018. The 16th Edition has made some major changes. Now we have compiled these changes into a single document.

April 22,2018
Care and Use of Working Gauges

Based on the findings from oilfields and oil equipments manufacturers’ use of working gauges and periodic recalibrations, due to improper management, use & care by some companies, the gauges will lose their accuracy and are no longer fit for gauging.

January 19,2018
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