Thread Taper Gages

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Our External and Internal Taper Gages (ET-7000/IT-6000) inspect variations in connection taper of threads ranging from 1?” - 24” for API threads. The ET-7000 series inspects external tapers, while the IT-6000 series inspects internal tapers. Each model covers a specific range of connection sizes, making taper gages very versatile and economical.

These gages use precision contact points that seat in the thread of the part during inspection. The gage’s indicator reports actual measurement readings. Each gage is shipped with .072” diameter contact points, however; each set of contact points is interchangeable to allow measuring different thread forms. Contact point diameters are manufactured to tolerances of +.0002”. The pitch of the thread and type of thread form determine the diameter of the contact points required for taking measurements.

Taper gages require no setting master to inspect parts. The contact points are seated in the threads of the part and the gage is properly positioned by sweeping to obtain the largest indicator reading. Taking measurements in two different locations one inch apart, along the length of the thread, will detect any variations in taper.